The Creative Writing MA organised by the English Department of the University of the West caters for the needs of prospective writers, teachers, and publishers – as well as those who would like to expand their knowledge of contemporary literature.

Students have an opportunity to learn about literature in both English and Romanian, to practise writing in a variety of styles and genres, to explore the way in which creative writing can be used as a teaching technique, and to learn how to edit a manuscript.

The Creative Writing MA in Timisoara aims to offer its students a stimulating, intense, but also pleasurable experience, which will expand their general knowledge and contribute significantly to their professional development. The practical dimension carries an important weight within the programme, with a lot of teaching time devoted to workshops and seminars in order to encourage learning through discussions, debates and direct experience.

What we offer :

–         Well-trained and experienced teaching staff
–         A professional academic environment, which lays emphasis on the cooperation among students and tutors
–         Opportunities to exercise skills and interests within extra-curricular activities

What we want:
Candidates who have
–         a university degree, in any field
–      intermediate or advanced knowledge of English
and don’t (necessarily) have

–         talent or genius
–      creative writing experience